Contract CAD Drafting


I was an out-of-state student at UCLA, and after the first two years, I (meaning my mom) could no longer afford tuition. So I had to leave school, hopefully become an in-state resident, and then reapply a couple years later.
During that time, I took on a few different jobs including front desk agent at Holiday Inn, assistant at a local law firm, tutor, and then finally a civil engineering assistant at Planex (thank you Mo for the opportunity!). I had been on track for an aerospace engineering degree, but this was a cool chance to learn about another field, working with government departments, and hiring additional assistants to train.
After working at Planex for a while and developing CAD skills, I was able to help my Dad on the digital drafting side of things (he was an old school hand drafter) with some hired help. Much needed extra income as I restarted at UCLA. I digitized and put together full construction documents for an office and a bar. The bar, Regency Lounge, is I believe now closed. 
Here are some documents and pictures of the bar: