Simple Contacts

Stay in touch with everyone in your network. We make it simple to set up Push and email notifications so you'll never let a connection grow stale!

We make it smooth

We wanted to create a smooth and simple app that will ensure you maintain relationships. Whether business or personal, Butter keeps those relationships strong.

Easy To Use

Schedule a start time for your reminder and we will do the rest. Go premium to also receive email notifications

Stay In Touch

Keep up with everyone in your network. Friends, family, and business contacts - all are important.

Stay Connected

Never forget a contact again. Grow your network and strengthen your ties to better position yourself.

Easy To Use

A reminder can be set up with just a name. You can enter the reason for the reminder and provide other details about the contact such as Email Address and Phone Number.

Email and Call from butter

We also make it super easy to call or email a contact directly in our app. Once you receive a notification, you can initiate contact from within Butter

butter premium

The first 5 reminders are free. Go Premium to get unlimited reminders and receive email notifications.

Frequent questions

These are our most commonly asked questions. Don't see your answer here? Contact us below!

How much is Butter Premium?

Our best deal is $0.39 monthly if you purchase a year of Butter. Otherwise, you can purchase a 6 month or month to month subscription.

What makes Butter special?

We designed Butter to be beautiful, and at the same time, we wanted to provide an important service - a tool to keep in touch with those that matter most.

What happens after my subscription ends?

Don't worry, all your reminders will still be stored on our servers. When you upgrade back to premium, all your previous reminders will be restored.

Why should I use Butter?

To keep in touch. Sometimes you forget to stay hi - Butter will remind you.

Who is behind Butter?

Two cool dudes that enjoy making apps. We love making apps so much that we named our company We Make Apps, LLC.

When are you making new features?

Sit tight! We are always updating Butter and will continue to add more fun and useful features in the future.

Get Butter

We would love it if you downloaded Butter. Your network would love it too!

what are people saying

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Butter changed my life. Everyone loves how efficient I am now!

With Butter, all my dreams came true. I kept up with investors and now raised a huge round of funding. Thanks Butter Team!

Butter is the new me. I never forget about anyone now.

Instant network strengthener. I am able to maintain the relationships I need to maintain.

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